Low-Cost, Short Leads and Fresh Tags

Jet AirParts was organized in 2011 to serve as material marketing agent and aviation engine material sales agent alongside of Jet AirWerks. Jet AirParts is located in the same physical location and facility as Jet AirWerks, creating an arrangement that reduces costs and lead-times and provides fresh tags for our customers.


Jet AirParts, LLC focuses primarily on replacement parts in overhauled condition for GE and CFM International (CFMI) engine models. Jet AirParts maintains a unique relationship with Jet AirWerks, LLC, an FAA Part 145 / EASA repair station, which enables Jet AirParts to offer all parts in overhauled condition, reducing the long turnaround time typically associated with as-removed materials and the need for new and costly new parts. All of Jet AirParts inventories are listed by StockMarket.aero, OneAero.com and ILSmart.com. Additionally, you can view our full up-to-date inventory available here.


Jet AirParts is always seeking consignment opportunities. Because of our large warehousing capacity and our relationship with and proximity to Jet AirWerks, we are able to hold consignment material until it is sold for JIT opportunities, reducing the risk for material owners / consignors. If you are interested in discussing consignment opportunities, please contact us.

Request a Material Quote

If you are interested in requesting a quote for any material in our inventory, please contact contact us.